About the Sacred World Research Laboratory

The Sacred World Research Laboratory is a state-of-the-art research and design think-tank whose projects explore innovation created by building bridges between techno-and traditional- cultures.

In an era of accelerating change, the laboratory works with the world's spiritual cultures to develop new forms of media and documentation so that perennial wisdom can be captured and made accessible to all. The documentation of traditional cultures is not just a passive exercise of ‘scanning-in culture!’ Instead, the laboratory’s work has shown and continues to show that engagement with culture provokes a fundamental re-questioning of the form of computer user interfaces; hence, such engagement with culture is a valuable process in order to spark off technological innovation.

The laboratory’s content work demonstrates a commitment to the idealistic notion that the human being is an emblem of perfection and capable of achieving enlightenment within one’s lifetime. Given the divisions between the sacred and the spiritual that exist in modern life, the laboratory designs products to bridge the gap, to allow people to interact with meaningful tools and media, experience self-realization and remember higher ideals while going about their secular activities.

The Sacred World Research Laboratory is located in India, a developing nation and an emerging economy. The laboratory’s projects show that developing nations can become centers of innovation, create their own insights into interface design, culturally-rooted computing and culture-conscious product design. Given the track record of producing world-class research and design, members of the laboratory are world leaders in design and technology.